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As soon as I read Roger’s website, I knew my husband would love Roger’s, science based, methodology to home building and design.  We are now in the final stage of construction and I could not imagine how any other builder could posses the knowledge or creativity that Roger has.  It has been a wonderful experience; Roger is so accommodating and will make sure you get exactly what you want!  Roger is humorous and so fun to work with, he makes building a fun experience!

Tina & Dr. Mike Schirado                                                                            


Are you planning to build?

We are extremely pleased with the job Super Homes did on the construction of our wonderful family home and the cost saving recommendations that were given without sacrificing the quality of work done.

"Thank you Roger, for taking the time to listen and understand what we wanted to accomplish in building our new home." 

The knowledge and expertise was evident in creating an energy efficient home with an outstanding design. We would highly recommend Roger and Super Homes to anyone looking to build the perfect dream home!

Roger was not only fun to work with, it is now nine years later and Roger is still there whenever we need him:  in fact Roger came to our house, just last week, to look at some things we need help with! 

Dr. Douglas & Rosanna Litchfield 


Roger is a true Visionary!  

When Roger designed and built our home on Southport, several years ago; he told us; " it was not a matter of if, but a matter of when our neighborhood would flood".  He insisted to let him install his Flood Safe Basement System in our home.  Several years later, in 2011, Roger’s system worked perfectly!  We could not be more pleased!

Pat & Laura Hoffman


To whom it may concern,

Roger Kjonaas designed and built our home on Fox Island back in 1995.  It is a large home, almost 11,000 sq feet.  We have lived in the house since 1996 and we love the home Roger designed and built for us.  Since the house was finished, Roger has helped us update areas and has been great for any questions or help we have asked for.  

You could tell right away that he really loves what he does; Roger has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for building great homes.  Roger is very honest and at times you have to remind him to bill you for his work.  He takes a lot of pride in his houses and you will never, never find someone that will provide follow up for years to come like Roger has done for us.  

Roger developed a fantastic drain tile system under our basement floor that worked great for us and basically saved our house in the 2011 flood.  While everyone else with a basement below the flood waters was flooded, ours stayed completely dry, while Roger’s drain system worked perfectly.

I think it is unprecedented in the home building industry; Roger is has been there for us  for eighteen years, ever since  he built our home!

Thanks a lot Roger.  The Miller family thinks you are the best. 

John & Dr. Brenda Miller


To whom it may concern:

It is our pleasure to recommend Roger Kjonaas as a contractor. Roger skillfully managed all aspects of our custom home project. He's an outstanding contractor, but Roger is much more. He's a strongly moral, ethical man who endeavored to save our money without compromising quality. 

Roger has extensive expertise and passion for the science of building. His skill, as a planner and problem solver, adds significantly to the value of our project. Roger didn't just build the house we asked for, he gave us much more.

Roger's values and personality are reflected in the exceptional quality of his subcontractors. They share Roger's pride in a job done well. If something was not just right, Roger and his subcontractors would "make it right" - no problem. When we requested changes or additions to our original plan, they were made at a fair price.

Building a house is an overwhelming undertaking. Nearly every day, there are stressful, expensive decisions. Roger was there every step of the way to help with his experience, honesty, values, and humor. He not only made the process tolerable; Roger made building our home enjoyable.


Dr. Greg and Dr. Lynne Peterson


To whom it may concern:

Roger Kjonaas built our home; we had drawn up plans for what we wanted in our home and asked another builder to look at them and give us a bid. We were told that it was not feasible to build the house from our plans -- it just wouldn't work. 

We met Roger while looking at one of his homes and had been impressed with how easy he was to talk to and how he seemed to welcome questions and enjoyed answering them. We showed our plans to Roger, and he had no problems modifying them into a plan that would work to build our "dream home."

One problem for anyone building a home is all the hidden costs that seem to add up. Roger was very up-front with what everything would cost, and in fact, was very helpful in trying to keep costs down. We sincerely appreciated his honesty in that and all other aspects of the building process, and at no time, felt like we were being "taken for a ride."

Roger's knowledge in regards to building an energy efficient home is unparalleled among builders in this area. Our home has performed very well, both with heating and cooling, despite the strong northwest winds we are exposed to on a hill in NW Bismarck.

In summary, we don't think there is a more honest, reliable, and conscientious builder in Bismarck who we believe truly has his clients’ best interests, rather than his profits, at heart.

It has been 25 years since Roger built our home and he has always been willing to help us with any concern we have had, in fact Roger came over just a few months ago to help us with some window concerns.  I wonder how many other builders would come back 25 years later.

Thank you Roger!


Dr. Jeff and Leonie Orchard


Dear Roger,

It has been Linda's and my pleasure to work with you during the construction of our new home.

I think you did a superb job in coordinating the general contracting of the home and absolutely love and enjoy our new home.

The construction is of absolutely A1 value and your honesty and candor have been greatly appreciated throughout the construction phase and during this time in which we are breaking in the new home.

Linda and I would like to thank you again for the superb job you did helping us build our new home.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Curt and Linda Juhala


To whom it may concern:

When we decided to build our home we sought a builder who would be attending to our unique requirements. Roger Kjonaas filled that need. A number of other builders wanted to "plug" us into the usual design, Roger didn't do that.

In addition to our requirements for a unique design, we were interested in a super insulated, energy efficient house. This is Roger's specialty.

We made our interests for size and design of our home to Roger and he constructed a plan and blueprint. We didn't change that plan more than 5%.Roger's ability to take our wishes and turn them into a viable house plan was unique to our experience.

Roger's ability to communicate with us, in spite of our busy schedules, kept us informed on a daily basis. We had every opportunity to make changes, choose designs, and make decorating decisions long before the work was in place.


Dr. J 


To whom it may concern:

Building our dream home required a builder who:

Listened carefully to our needs and wants. Was experienced and dedicated to    the highest quality construction and value.

Was totally honest and able to communicate well with us as well as the various subcontractors and workers. 

Was able to provide creative ideas and find the resources necessary to do the job right, the way we wanted it done, the first ti°me and every time. 

Was available and ready to follow through to ensure our satisfaction. 

Roger Kjonaas met and even exceeded all those requirements. 

Roger's commitment to the highest quality workmanship and total customer satisfaction as well as his complete dependability to deliver and follow through - even several years after the project was completed - are all reasons that we would without any hesitation, choose Roger Kjonaas again as our home builder.


Dr. Nick & Jean Neuman 


To whom it may concern:

I had Mr. Kjonaas construct my new home. I elected to build a super insulated home at Mr. Kjonaas's recommendation. I am pleased to issue this letter and highly recommend this individual and his firm. The home built by Mr. Kjonaas's company performs at or better then anticipated. My heating bill is approximately $240 per year which is simply unbelievable for heating in winters such as those experienced in North Dakota. The home is comfortable, well constructed and has exceeded my expectations.

Mr. Kjonaas is an individual who will listen to his customers and has a sincere desire to work with his clients to not only construct a home to their satisfaction, but is always willing to return and address final details if necessary. All of my dealings with this individual have shown that he is very up-front. I consider him to be very trustworthy and an excellent builder. I can recommend him without reservation.

I might add that this individual and his sub-contractors were particularly meticulous which gives the homeowner a comfort level that the construction of their home will be completed to their satisfaction.


Myron Pfeifle



You were a valuable source of information when we were developing residential designs for Great Plains Gasification Associates. We felt we should convey that we appreciated your assistance and input, especially in matters concerning energy conservation.

As a consulting entity, we feel that you expanded our knowledge and inspired us to learn more. The insights we gained relating to super insulation, zero infiltration, air to air heat exchangers, and high efficiency heating equipment is exciting news to us. We believe the a fore mentioned design considerations will be common to the industry in the future, and that you are pioneering this endeavor.


Leon Hagerott

(Leon wrote this letter in 1982, he was the architect for ANG in the development of their housing design and specification.  Leon is now deceased, but forever will be an inspiration to the Super Home philosophy)