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Successful home design involves both science and art and relies on technical knowledge and creativity; this is what we provide for you!

When designing a new home, there are many important factors to consider during the design process.  Unfortunately, often times there is little consideration given to the technical elements critical to a successful design.  The building site, space and functional requirements, air quality, environmental controls, water vapor's effect on the home's long term integrity and budget all need to be considered during the design process.  

Over the past thirty years, we have designed hundreds of technically advanced homes, in all price ranges and styles, including several custom homes between 2000 sq. ft. and 11,000 sq. ft., of which we were also the builder. 

Throughout the years, Roger has also exhibited his technical design skills in commercial properties.  Roger was the design consultant for the historic renovation of the Lewis & Clark Hotel, on Main Street in Mandan.  Roger designed and built Century Medical Park in Bismarck and designed the addition and interior remodel of Charity Lutheran Church, of which he also managed the construction.

Century Medical Park, south building.

 Century Medical Park , north building.

 Charity Lutheran Church