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These systems were designed and installed as many as sixteen years ago, before anyone thought a flood was even remotely possible!

Super Homes built six homes on Fox Island and South Port that sustained zero damage from the Record Flood of 2011. Four of the homes were purposely built at elevations high enough to prevent damage in anticipation of a flood and two were equipped with a special drain and water barrier system under the basement floor that prevented flood damage from occurring, which was experienced by most others with basements below the flood water elevation.

Now that we know that a flood is possible and even though our system performed perfectly in the Record Flood of 2011, Super Homes has developed an improved flood prevention system that makes building in a flood prone area as safe as building in any other area of Bismarck.

It is important to understand that building on a hill does not guarantee that you will not experience ground water issues. Roger has consulted ground water issues high on the hill on Promontory Point, where a homeowner has had to pump over twenty-five gallons of water out of their basement heating & cooling ducts daily!

Have you ever witnessed the water running out of the hill on the north side of Century Avenue, just a couple blocks west of Washington Street?  Homes on Juniper Drive and other streets in Bismarck, experience groundwater issues during  several month of every year!

In comparison, river floods do not occur every year; Twice in fifty years, and they are normally short in duration!