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Ask ten different contractors the same question and you're likely to get ten different answers.  How do you decide which answer is correct?   

Roger has been a consultant involved in construction and building science issues for over thirty years.  As a consultant, he also provides the research and evidence for construction litigation and has served as an expert witness in numerous lawsuits.  Roger often testifies, under oath, on technical issues, when being right is not only important, it is critical!

Roger consults on most issues involving new construction and existing homes; he often uses infrared thermography and other testing devices to locate defects and determine the cause.  Areas of his expertise include; building science; construction techniques; energy efficient systems; indoor environmental issues; thermal properties; water intrusion; water vapor condensation; hidden mold reservoirs; technical design.

A home is a very sophisticated living environment where the dynamics of all of the elements involved in the building sciences have to interact harmoniously.  In simple terms, the applications of all of the different systems and materials have to work together in order to provide a safe, healthy, energy efficient and comfortable home.  

It is not surprising that new homes often have problems, considering that North Dakota has the weakest building codes compared to all of the surrounding States and Provinces.  The result of this unfortunate fact is that most construction methods, used to build homes in North Dakota, are based on opinions that are influenced by cost and habit, not the scientific research that construction methods should be based on. 

Roger has stated for years; "consumers do more research on a $600 washing machine, prior to a purchase, than they do the technical issues involved in construction and building science, before they purchase a home costing thousands more than the cost of a washing machine."  

Another one of Roger's quotes; "everything that I say or do, I can backup with more scientific research and documentation than you will ever want to read."  The fact is, technically correct building methods are not subject to opinion, they are based on science.  Building methods based on opinion, without science, almost always create problems.

Before you build or purchase a home, get the best advice possible!   


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