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Because a home is a very sophisticated living environment that is greatly affected by air quality, Roger was certified by the International Indoor Air Quality Commission as an Indoor Air Quality Certified Professional and as a Mold Inspection Certified Professional.  

Roger, however, will not perform a test to determine what kind and how many mold spores are floating around in your home; the EPA recommends not to test for mold and Roger totally agrees. 

Mold testing methods are flawed and provide unreliable and often inaccurate information.  The truth is, even if the results of a test show normal levels of mold spores that does not prove that there is not an active mold reservoir in the building; at the same time, if a test shows an elevated mold spore count, that does not prove that there is an active mold reservoir.  Therefore, most mold tests that are performed do not prove anything!

To eliminate a mold problem you need to understand a little about the organism.  Mold spores are everywhere and are so small 100,000 spores will fit on a pin head.  Mold is very predictable; provide food and moisture and the spores that were floating around can start a colony; eliminate the moisture and mold will become nonviable.

If there is a blooming reservoir of mold present, one of the best mold tests is your nose.

Water intrusion and due to specific building practices, water vapor accumulation, often called condensation, are the two most common sources of moisture that allow mold reservoirs to form; third on the list are water pipes that are leaky or are dripping from water vapor condensation.

Mold is just one of the symptoms of a water or moisture problem; elevated water or moisture content will also result in the fungal decay of cellulose building components and can cause structural damage.

If you suspect you may have a mold problem, spend your resources searching for the water or water vapor source that could allow mold to grow! 

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