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Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is probably the most effective means to locate defects that involve water intrusion or water vapor condensation, both of which are the cause of mold infestations.  Although it is relatively easy to spot a defect with an infrared scanner, it takes a trained eye to understand what the defect is.

Roger has been involved with infrared thermography since 1985, when he first used infrared scanners to evaluate the effectiveness of various building materials and methods. 

The infrared scanner Roger uses was manufactured by Raytheon and is extremely sensitive to temperature variations and can identify a person a mile away on a pitch black night.  For use as a tool to locate and identify defects in buildings, the infrared scanner reveals temperature variations on the building envelope.  Areas found to have a temperature variation can then be further tested to determine the exact problem and cause.

Mold contamination is often hidden in walls and other hard to inspect locations; Roger has developed a proprietary apparatus that is used in conjunction with the borescope to inspect these areas.  This minimally invasive inspection system is very effective in comparison to other closed cavity mold testing procedures.   

Additional Testing Equipment;

• Video Borscope 

• Delmhorst Moisture Meter

• tif Combustable Gas Meter

•Bacharach CO Analyzer

• Mannix Sling Psychrometer

• Sperry EMF Tester

• Depressurization Fan